About 'account-sitting'

Sitting is a practice which consists of lending your account to another player so that they can carry out your daily tasks in your stead.

This practice is forbidden on Die2Nite (and on the majority of Motion Twin sites).

Why is sitting forbidden?

  • More than 90% of messages received by technical support relate to cases of account theft, which results from, in the vast majority of cases (yes, indeed) of account-sitting gone bad,
  • even your friends can delete your account: everyone doesn't appreciate how important your account is to you. This is the most common case: account lent to a "friend", deleted by said "friend", huge emotional drama directed at technical support (which we can't deal with).

What risk do I run by participating in sitting?

  • the closure of your account by an administrator,
  • the theft of your account by another player,
  • exclusion of towns from the rankings: a town in which a player has engaged in sitting is automatically excluded at the end of the season.

Notes concerning exclusion from the rankings

The Die2Nite rankings reflect the capacity of a given town to organise itself and coordinate its efforts, despite restrictions and realities relating to the human condition. Sitting significantly changes the impact of this factor by reducing citizens to simple reserves It is therefore logical that towns found to be abusing this system are not included in the rankings.

We understand the disappointment felt by players whom, in good faith, participated in towns in which players were "sitting": However, as these towns benefitted from a significant organisational advantage, they are excluded from the rankings. That is the only consequence which will be felt by those playing in good faith.

A player from one of the towns which has been excluded from the rankings will still be able to see the town on their soul page.

If your town is excluded from the rankings and you were amongst those participating in the sitting, your account could be blocked by an administrator.

How do you detect sitting?

For obvious reasons of security, we cannot go into details of the procedure. However:

  • couples and families have nothing to fear from this system: our filters easily dismiss normal sharing of PCs and IP addresses.
  • never lend your account to anyone and never connect to another player's account even if they ask you nicely (that's dangerous territory).
  • if you haven't done anything, you have nothing to worry about.
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