Constructing New Buildings

The town is not a static location. You need it to evolve. This is how to proceed to get new builings in the town :

  1. collect resources in the desert (wood, metal, armour...) and drop them off at the Bank
  2. go to the Construction Sites in the town
  3. find out which buildings can be constructed from resources currently available from the bank: they will have a Build button next to them
  4. click once on the Build button next to the building you wish to work on. This will use 1 AP from your reserves.

As soon as a building has been sufficiently worked on (sufficient APs have been invested), the building is constructed immediately!

Buildings can be constructed over several days. Just come back the next day to continue working on an incomplete building! You can invest more than 1 AP on a given site, if you really want the building to get finished...

Temporary buildings

"Temporary" buildings are "single use" constructions: they only last for the duration of the Horde's attack, then are destroyed. These are generally cheap, but powerful defences which need to be rebuilt each day.

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