Exploring and Scavenging

Searching a zone

It is possible to start scavenging in any given zone. Scavenging allows you to discover objects which can either be used where you are or be taken back to the town. You can only search each zone once per day.


As soon as you have searched a zone, you immediately activate Auto-Search mode. From that point, if you stay in that zone, you will automatically search the zone every 2 hours. You don't need to keep your browser on the page, you can simply come back later and see what you have found.

Warning! If you leave the zone, your automatic search will be interrupted and cannot be resumed in that zone for the remainder of the day...You can always start again in a more distant zone...

Outside buildings

When travelling through the World Beyond, you will discover buried buildings. These must be excavated before they can be explored. These ruins are overflowing with special, rare and sometimes dangerous objects. Perhaps they could save the citizens from certain death?

Always keep TWO bullets in your gun. One to take the head off a zombie, and another for yourself if you miss.. Unknown