Getting help

Consult the official technical support site for Die2Nite by clicking below :

  • FAQ: consult the official Die2Nite technical support site!
  • DISCUSS WITH OTHER PLAYERS: you will often find the answers to your questions directly on the site forums, which are available as long as you are signed in.
  • REPORT BEHAVIOUR: in the case of a problem relating to another player's behaviour, please read the section entitled I'm annoyed in the help section below.
  • PAYMENT PROBLEM: if you have a problem relating to payment, please proceed by clicking here : payment methods and support.
  • REPORT A BUG: to report a bug, use the following discussion area: bug reports,
  • finally, for all questions relating to the Die2Nite community, you can contact Epoq (link also available at the bottom of each webpage).
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