House and Work

Your House

Your house is your little haven of peace and tranquility in the terrifying world of Die2Nite.

It is a vital location! This is where you can:

  • Carry out personal projects
  • Store objects in your chest (4 storage compartments by default)

Your rucksack and your chest

Your rucksack and your chest are the places where you can store objects you have found in the World Beyond and taken from the Bank.

Each of these have a finite number or storage compartments, but it is possible to increase their storage capacity.

To increase storage capacity, you will need to find additional objects (rucksack and chest) or make the necessary improvements yourself (chest only).

Improve your defences

You can upgrade your house to improve its defences. Each level upgraded awards more defence points. Each upgrade requires resources.

Upgrading your house defences has two effects:

  • Preventing the zombies from devouring you at night
  • Increasing the town's defences

Upgrading your house

Your house only needs to be built and upgraded. Die2Nite also has a system of Improvements which allow you to improve your own defences, increase your storage capacity or even become a craftsman!

Each improvement costs APs and/or resources.

There are many types of improvements to carry out:

  • Storage Compartments: increase your storage capacity
  • Defence: increases your ability to fight off the zombies during the nightly attack
  • Lock: allows you to prevent other citizens from "borrowing" your property
  • Alarm: informs you if other citizens have been "borrowing" your stuff
  • Curtains: allow you to hide the contents of your chest from your comrades' prying eyes...

To carry out these improvements, you need to be a Hero.

One day, a pastor went on a crusade against the evil Horde. It would appear that there were more of the latter. He never returned. Unknown