Lost Souls

The souls of your freshly departed colleagues now haunt the vast, devastated lands of the World Beyond. Each time a citizen does not survive the attack of the horde, their soul will appear in the desert.

The burden of recovering the lost souls falls on the town. If the souls are left to wander the desert, they risk becoming tortured souls! If that happens, everybody should pannick! Tortured souls attract and enrage zombies!

Please note that it is possible for the Shaman to see souls anywhere on the map, but he connot distinguish tortured souls from lost souls

Recovering lost souls requires preparation. Any citizen can carry a lost soul, but a tortured soul requires extra protection. Their violence can be insidious...

The shaman is impervious and can touch any soul without risk (but not without fear). A normal citizen will need the help of a shaman in order to touch a tortured soul. The shaman must prepare a potion which will allow the citizen to handle a tortured soul safely. But be careful how much trust you place in your shaman...

Once you have brought a soul back to town you need to purify it. This requires that you have completed the correct construction site. Remember that a tortured soul is just as dangerous in town as in the desert until it has been cleansed.

Sometimes behind a great hero you find an ass Unknown