Roleplay options

On the various forums and the World Beyond discussion board, you have access to the complete range of tools governing "atmosphere" and "role-play".

You can type one of the following commands :

  • [card]: displays the name of a random card drawn from a deck of 52,
  • [resident]: displays the name of a random resident of your town (this will not work if you have not yet joined a town),
  • [ht]: flip a coin (heads or tails),
  • [rps]: play rock, paper, scissors,
  • [d6]: throws a 6-sided dice and displays the result (also works with d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100).
  • [consonant] : draw a consonant,
  • [vowel] : draw a vowel,
  • [letter] : draw a letter by chance,

Don't abuse these commands! Use them to invent new games for citizens to play and to resolve situations or disputes with a game of chance, etc...

If you're on an expedition and you sense danger, stay calm, wait a second, get your Nikes on and RUN FORREST, RUUUUUUNNNN!!! Unknown