Roleplay options

On the various forums and the World Beyond discussion board, you have access to the complete range of tools governing "atmosphere" and "role-play".

You can type one of the following commands :

  • [card]: displays the name of a random card drawn from a deck of 52,
  • [resident]: displays the name of a random resident of your town (this will not work if you have not yet joined a town),
  • [ht]: flip a coin (heads or tails),
  • [rps]: play rock, paper, scissors,
  • [d6]: throws a 6-sided dice and displays the result (also works with d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100).
  • [consonant] : draw a consonant,
  • [vowel] : draw a vowel,
  • [letter] : draw a letter by chance,

Don't abuse these commands! Use them to invent new games for citizens to play and to resolve situations or disputes with a game of chance, etc...

He who steals must be hanged! He who commits someone to be hanged should be banned! He who is banned must be eaten! This is how the law should be! Unknown