Seasons and Rankings

The game is split up into periods of approximately 3 months, called seasons.

During this time, towns are ranked according a score which reflects their capacity to survive as a group. The score is calculated by adding together the total number of days survived in the town by all the citizens.

Important : Only towns in Distant Regions are ranked. Small maps or towns created for special events will not feature in the season's rankings.

End of the season

At the end of each season, the citizens from the best town from each level of the rankings will receive various rewards. The rankings are then reset to zero in order to start a new period with everyone at the same level.

  • messages left on the forums by champions are displayed in a very distinctive manner 1,
  • they start every game with special additional equipment 1,
  • they also receive a unique, rare distinction and a corresponding title

1: These rewards will be lost at the end of the following season, only reigning champions will benefit from these advantages.

Citizens that participated in a town that made it into the rankings also receive another special distinction (one for each town present in the rankings).

Soul Rankings

These rankings are not reset to zero at the end of the season: accordingly, there are no bonuses awarded.

Starting from season 5, a soul ranking by season will be available, this allows you to see its value over the season.

Further Rules

  • A town in Season 1 must be destroyed in Season 1 to be counted in the rankings. If it lasts into Season 2, it will not be counted in either ranking.
  • The rankings are updated at 23h00 (server time).
  • Only towns which are completely destroyed (no survivors) will receive a ranking.
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