The Shaman is an incredibly powerful voodoo sorceror who can profit from the deaths of other citizens to carry out their black magic. The Shaman knows how to make use of the useless and knows how to bring about a more useful reincarnation for our dearly departed.

How do you become the town Shaman?

During the first night, and each time the Shaman dies, a town meeting will take place. During this meeting a debate takes place and after much arguing, shirking of responsibilities and no doubt drinking, the most... "qualified" resident is designated as the Shaman! From that moment on the Shaman will have access to new powers and a new set of "points".

I'm the Shaman, what do I do?

Thanks to their unique world view, the Shaman can carry out unique actions, which can make them at once a healer, a psychic, or a charlatan. The Shaman can:

  • Heal citizens in town. Relieve terror, infections or even extract alcohol or drugs from the bodies of their comrades. Success is not guaranteed, however. Sometimes, during the healing process, the Shaman takes the illness which plagues the victim into their own body.
  • Purify zones by making rain fall on those areas. If the rain falls on the town, the water will refill the well a little
  • Guide citizens to the location of souls in the World Beyond.
  • Brew up special potions that protect mere mortals against the evil of tortured souls.

The Shaman is therefore a central character in the cruel comedy that is the survival of the town. But for how long will the Shaman survive?

A bone on the ground is a once lost friend, found. Unknown