Shunned Citizens

The Return of the Shunned

Every day, the pariahs (shunned citizens) of a given town can participate in an uprising. If the insurrection is successful, all free citizens will be shunned and all the pariahs will have their liberty restored.

The following rules apply :

  • each pariah can participate in the uprising once per day,
  • each pariah must participate every day in order for the insurrection to have a chance of success,
  • there can be a maximum of one insurrection during the town's existence.

Amongst other things, the insurrection system takes into account the number of pariahs, the number of free citizens, the number of survivors and the balance of forces.

Example: if 10 citizens are shunned, they will only need a few days to stage an uprising. If there are only 3 shunned citizens, it will take them around 20 days!

Staging an insurrection is a long-drawn-out task: each pariah must participate every day to make it happen!

Strategy of the shunned

Once shunned, a citizen can no longer make use of the town's facilities, so to get what they need to survive, they must fend for themselves by adopting less orthodox methods.

From this point forward, they will have two special actions:

  • Search the town's waste: this action is carried out at the town gates (outside) and allows you to find very poor quality bits and pieces. However, they could be useful...
  • Hide your rucksack: this action allows the shunned to conceal the contents of their rucksack. Only the shunned can see and collect objects concealed in this way. However, normal citizens have a small chance of discovering the cache when searching.
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