Always accompanied by their trusty 3-legged labradoodle (a noble breed, and not even a little bit ridiculous), the Tamer is able to send some of the contents of their rucksack back to the town from anywhere in the World Beyond.

She follows you everywhere, smelling of wet dog, limping and drooling excessively. And she barks. A lot. You can ask her to take the contents of your rucksack back to the town once per day, from no matter where you are in the World Beyond.

How do I play as a Tamer?

An excellent role if you like expeditions to distant zones: if you need space, give all your stuff to your dog. Your fellow travellers will be happy to make the most of it too.

Your dog cannot normally carry heavy objects. However, you can give him some steroids to overcome this limitation... Don't make a face like that, it's probably really good for its health.

The Tamer's faithful labradoodle companion will show their master the way out of the ruins, a blue arrow allows every tamer to never lose their bearings.

One day, a pastor went on a crusade against the evil Horde. It would appear that there were more of the latter. He never returned. Unknown