Always ready to get involved with any construction project, the technician, abandoned alone on a desert island with nothing but a toothpick, could construct an enormous entirely autonomous wheel. So just imagine what technical marvels they could construct with a shiny new DIY kit!

Unparalleled for smashing construction records, this complete tool kit includes a top-of-the-line adjustable wrench!

How do I play as a Technician?

Thanks to their highly unusual skillset, the technician will be of great help when it comes to delegating tasks at the workshop. Every day, they have Construction Points which allow the tech to continue building long after the average citizen is exhausted. However, the tech must always keep 1 Action Point to be able to use them, otherwise the tech will lose all motivation and not be able to use any Construction Points.

Technicians can use their Construction Points to repair buildings and transform / refine objects in the workshop.

The tech will also be a huge help in abandoned buildings: their talents, combined with the right tools, allows them to take impressions of locks in secured doors. Nonetheless, the impression has to be worked on in town in order to manufacture a temporary key, which allows the tech to open the door in question at a later date.

A bone on the ground is a once lost friend, found. Unknown