Towns in Non-distant-regions

Towns in Non-Distant Regions are meant to provide a soft landing for new players. These towns are accessible to everyone, however they have smaller maps and are numerous other changes that are designed to make the learning curve less steep for the novice. The idea is that experienced players can still mingle with beginners and help them as they start out. So say hello and smile to the newbies, you never know they might be your new best friend.

Experienced players (those with more than 100 Soul Points) will only receive rewards and distinctions if the town makes it to day 8.

So if you are an experienced player and you land in a town in a Non-Distant Region make it count! Help out the beginners and go for those rewards.

Don't forget Camping is not active in Non-Distant Regions.

Spiritual Guide:

One unique title is up for grabs in Non-Distant towns: Spiritual Guide!

If you're an experienced player and you're up for a real challenge, then why not try for the Spiritual Guide title? All you have to do is help a town that has at least 50% of its souls with less than 100 points survive past day 8. Basically round up a bunch of noobs and help them make it past day 8. Sounds easy right... The points you can earn for this title are cumulative, but you'll only get them if you make it to day 8. Every day the town survives your points stack up. example:

  • Day 1 : 1 point
  • Day 2 : 2+1 points
  • Day 5 : 5+4+3+2+1 points
  • Etc etc

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