Use of external sites in Die2Nite offers developers extra information in the form of JSON feeds which can be used for the creation of extra applications and other novel uses based on the game.
It was previously possible to create applications from an XML feed, but this will no longer be maintained and consequently any new applications must be based on the JSON feed.

You can find more information relating to the conception and function of Twinoid applications by heading over to this address:
When you develop an application, you need to base your work on the APIs that are made available through our game. To find out about all of the elements we give you acces to you can visit the following addresses:

Both of these services offer access to different information. You need to work out for yourself which service you need to get the right info. This is rather simple in fact, as each token will allow you to access either of the APIs feely.
You can find a demo application here in order to test out the system with your own requests:

Terms of use

  • Under no circumstances do you have the right to ask a Die2Nite user visiting your site for their password,
  • you must clearly indicate that your site is in no way officially linked to,
  • the design of your site cannot contribute to confusion or misunderstanding by letting visitors think that your site is a subsidiary of the designs of both pages must be completely different.
  • if you use images or other Die2Nite content, you must indicate their source, and indicate the applicable rights of the author / artist.
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