Update 4.0 - Death Watch

  • The Watchmen :

    You now have the opportunity to put yourself in the front line when the attack comes. Try to make it back alive!

    To help you along, several weapons and forms of protection are available to you; a mattress, car door, water pistol? Anything is possible!

  • Blueprint recalibration :

    The rarities of certain plans have been reviewed, some are now available immediately in new towns.

  • Construction recalibration :

    Resource requirements have been reviewed, which should make for a more coherent construction system.

  • Ghoul and the Gang :

    Ghouls are partially infected citizens, but who are not completely transformed into zombies. You don't become a ghoul through bad luck alone, but be careful, you can easily become one by feasting on traveller's corpse or other less-then-conventional foods... Will you chance your arm? (literally...)

  • Evolution of the Guardian :

    The Guardians now have a better chance of surviving the night's watch than their fellow watchmen, they also contribute even more to the town defenses!
    Take on your true role, as the guardian of the town, and keep the townspeople safe from harm!

  • Unforgiving Wastelands :

    The chance of finding something to eat or drink in the World Beyond will diminish as time goes on. Nobody can resist the relentless onslaught from the World Beyond forever, once your town has been devastated, alia iacta est!

  • Pandemonium Ruins : Two ruins will appear in the desert of the World Beyond in Pandemonium towns. The nightmare just lasts a little longer!
This "cocktail" is disgusting, but at least it's expensive... PeteR