Update 4.6 - Demonocracy!

  • New Stuff!!!! :

    The Shaman is loved by many reviled by an equal if not more vociferous bunch... So we've made some changes. We're unveiling the electoral office, the place to go to vote for the Shaman and take the power back from the god of RNG.

    Don't forget to vote though otherwise your votes will be distributed randomly.

    Heroes can vote via carrier pigeon from anywhere on the map.

    Small towns no longer have to deal with the Shaman. We've made them easier for the new players... But.

    CAMPING is back for the small maps! A lot of people have complained about not being able to show the new players a good deal of the game and we're running a test just on the EN server to see if this is a good thing or not.

  • Improvements... :

    • Heroes with the "Mayor" bonus can now create private towns that are even more unique, you can control everything (although from memory I haven't finished translating the interface).
    • Tortured Souls still need to be recovered, but they won't be as violent as before. The attack should be more balanced now...
    • Souls will now be generated at more manageable distances from the town...
    • Purified souls count towards the defence of the town.
    • Souls kept in your house will give you a personal defence bonus.
    • The meat locker now takes priority over the gallows, if both have been built.
    • Drunks now have "a chance" of randomly wounding a person when posting on the forums. This costs 1 AP as being an aggressive drunk takes energy none the less...
    • You can no longer repair a project if it's parent project has been destroyed.
    • You now have the {habitant} option in the text field.
    • Some of the smileys are back. :pc:, :pm: et :def:
  • Minor changes :
    • The attack estimations are now more... Precise...
    • The external API now gives direct access to a zone.
    • Added some explanation for when a payer has been elected as Shaman.
    • Added a popup that let's you know when you've passed 100 soul points. This way you know when you're no longer a complete noob.
    • Got rid of the basic view for the construction sites. You'r in detailed view by default now.
    • Fixed a problem relating to the chance of being wounded or terrorised during the attack.
    • Added some distinctions and such for being wounded in town..
  • We fixed some bugs... Finally! :

    In no particular order:

    • If a player is wounded or terrorised in a ruin, they are immediately ejected.
    • Added the general register for D1 in the Gazette.
    • Changes the name of the "Shaman points" (this might not be visible till tomorrow).
    • Improved the creation of post-it threads in the town forums.
    • Fixed the double soul in the bank problem.
    • Fixed the disappearing Shamanic Potion.
    • Ended the 'pre-vote' for the wall upgrade.
    • The Day 8 rule has been refined. You need to reach the attack on the night of day 7 and die from something directly related to this attack in town. For example: being on the watch, when the watch is overrun, a body not being dragged out of town that comes to life and kills you...
    • The Day 8 rule now correctly take into account the points accumulated from the beginning of the town.
    • The laser point won't go off by itself now.
    • Slightly changed the way rankings are calculated.
    • Objects lost by citizens who were auto-searching and don't log back in are now left on the ground.
A bone on the ground is a once lost friend, found. Unknown