Update 4.4 - Dev's not dead

  • Gameplay updates! : The attacks will be even more violent this season... No mercy from the very first day. Less immunity for the cowards who hide under their beds.
  • Simplification of the Non-Distant Regions. :
    • a few less zombies.
    • buildings are further away (distance = 3).
    • no dead-heads near the town.
    • no advanced ruins (explorable).
    • reduced number of buildings.
    • no camping.
  • Evolution for the heroes :

    Become a Pro-Watchman and increase you chances of surving a watch.

  • Updated help :

    We've dusted of the help section of the game and updated it so as to make it your go to guide for surviving in the outer-world (uf yo notice any errors report it to your mods, they know what to do...)

  • New texts to find :

    The chronicals of Die2Nite get even thicker with a good dozen more chapters to find.

  • New titles to unlock :

    The titles for your miraculous achievements hae been stacked on... Will you be able to climb to the top of the new pile?

  • Loads of little bug fixes and calibrations :
    • Watches: We've added the idea of caccumulated fatigue. You lose 10% chance of survial with every night spent on lookout. You recover 5% with every night you rest.
    • The return of Defensive Objects as an alternative for defence. Defensive focus offers the best conversion rate over 5 evolutions.
    • Terrified? you'll find it harder to recover nowadays. (showers are less effective for a example).
    • Worksite architecture evolves.
    • Theft from the bank is back in Pandemonium (same rules in Distant Regions).
    • Adjustments on worksites (no details here because it could change).
    • correction of the Architects Chest in the Non-Distant Regions which bugged out occasionally
    • Improvements and corrections in the logs of watchmen
    • Reusing Earplugs willnow reduce terror (Effect non-accumulable).
    • correction boobytrapped Doormat.
    • correction of the state "immunised".
    • correction and improvement of the objects Staff AND Brocken Staff.
    • corrections of the CSS and general appearence...
I know, I know. The food is awful but at least it doesn't move when you're trying to tuck in. Unknown