Update 1.1 - Hang 'em high

[Hang 'em high]
  • New Ranking System : The new ranking system gives citizens even more reason to survive together for as long as possible. All rankings are deleted at the end of each season, which means that they last for 3 months. All the more reason to kick some of your lazy neighbours' asses out of bed and into line! The prizes are worth the effort! Anyone found to be involved in account sitting will result in the town being excluded from the rankings. For more details on account sitting, please click HERE
  • The gallows : Anger and resentment has been building recently in the World beyond, through the insidious activities of griefers and saboteurs. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this twisted take on reality led to the invention of the gallows. The justice-hungry citizen's friend! Now every town can build a gallows to get rid of unwanted scoundrels, robbers and cads. A revolutionary wind is whistling through the town gates... There are three things you should know about the gallows:
    • To avoid excessive use, the gallows will be destroyed after every hanging. You must find more resources to build another.
    • If the Rusty Chain, is in a citizen's possession when he is shunned by the community, the chain will be returned to the bank.
    • Make sure to hang the correct scoundrel! Warning:  The first citizen to receive 8 complaints after the gallows are built will be hanged.
  • Creative Writing Contest : From the 17th of January until the 31st, it's time to pick up that quill! Tell us about how things changed with the apocalypse, life under constant threat... The best roleplay / die2nite inspired texts will be included in the game, for future players to find...
  • Sponsorship :

    As the saying goes: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." This is also true in "Die2Nite" ! Sponsorship means that for every player you bring to Die2Nite:

    • You will get a bonus of 20% of their subscription !
    • You will get a point towards impressive distinctions.
Always keep TWO bullets in your gun. One to take the head off a zombie, and another for yourself if you miss.. Unknown