Update 1.0 - Let's get it on!

[Let's get it on!]
  • Die2Nite Launch : On the 1st of December 2010, Die2Nite was officially launched. After an attack of monumental proportion the previous night, everyone died... and everyone will die again. There is a wealth of new content coming to you directly. Learning how to not die2nite is tricky, and it's only going to get harder! New professions, new towns, new constructions, new enemies... it's all happening here, so don't go anywhere. Special thanks to Deepnight and Dayan, without whom Die2Nite would not exist! All that remains is for me to officially welcome you to hell, citizen...
One day, a pastor went on a crusade against the evil Horde. It would appear that there were more of the latter. He never returned. Unknown