Update 1.2 - Rise of the Labradoodle

[Rise of the Labradoodle]
  • Large Maps : Die2Nite now offers a wider choice of maps - up to 25x25 (previously 14x14). This will allow more advanced expeditions and enhanced exploration - how far do you dare go on your own?
  • Extreme Camping : Extreme camping is the risky, but potentially rewarding strategy of hiding in the World Beyond during the attack at midnight. the way it works is simple:

    • find yourself a decent hiding place in the desert
    • perform 3 hail marys and 2 hello dollys
    • wait for the attack to be over

  • Introducing: The Tamer : Always accompanied by their trusty 3-legged labradoodle, the tamer is the perfect profession for citizens looking to take full advantage of the large maps...
  • Shunned citizens update : Shunned citizens will now be able to scavenge objects from the town's waste and hide objects in the World Beyond...
One night, a long time ago, old Chuck saw the Horde and lived to tell the tale. The very sight made his buttcheeks clench like a vice. They have not been unclenched since! Unknown