Update 1.2 - Rise of the Labradoodle

[Rise of the Labradoodle]
  • Large Maps : Die2Nite now offers a wider choice of maps - up to 25x25 (previously 14x14). This will allow more advanced expeditions and enhanced exploration - how far do you dare go on your own?
  • Extreme Camping : Extreme camping is the risky, but potentially rewarding strategy of hiding in the World Beyond during the attack at midnight. the way it works is simple:

    • find yourself a decent hiding place in the desert
    • perform 3 hail marys and 2 hello dollys
    • wait for the attack to be over

  • Introducing: The Tamer : Always accompanied by their trusty 3-legged labradoodle, the tamer is the perfect profession for citizens looking to take full advantage of the large maps...
  • Shunned citizens update : Shunned citizens will now be able to scavenge objects from the town's waste and hide objects in the World Beyond...
My favourite thing about group expeditions is letting everyone do the searching and bogarting the good stuff!!! Unknown