Update 4.5 - Save our souls!

  • The witch doctor is back :

    Lost souls wandering the desert, waiting to be found... They're back this season and what's more, the Shaman will reincarnate in town to help you find the lost and bring them home.

    But watch out! It's not going to be like last time... The new version will leave you all feeling a little mystic. Whether you're a citizen or a hero, you'll have the chance to shepard the souls of the lost...

  • Ranking :

    We're changing up the way we calculate the town rankings.

    Going inactive is unfortunately an unavoidable nuisance imposed on us from time to time by 'responsibilities' and such. However it can be a real pain for glory seeking citizens hellbent on ranking. For this reason we're only counting the top 35 players in each town when we calculate the rankings.

  • Hardcore :

    Yes yes. This mode is only for the badest of badasses, the survivors and the mad. We've been listening.

    • Our most dedicated players are capable of anything... However for their sanity we're opening up the Twinoid API to Hardcore towns. (just to be clear only the Twinoid API is available).
    • Being a Watchman just got a little more risky.
    • Playing Indiana Jones in ruins out of town will require even more skill from now on... Hold onto your hats!
    • Just like you're not supposed to feed the Gremlins after midnight, you should NEVER, EVER, EVER leave tortured souls in the desert after midnight.
    • Agression is less... Costly, than it once was.
  • Worship the Watchmen :

    the watchmen haven't been forgotten. From now on the townsfolk will have to work on a small construction site before they can access the night's watch. Who knows what this could be used for in the future...)

    The weapons of the watch have been slightly recalibrated.

  • Improvements... :
    • The picto 'message' is now available from commenting on the forums (again).
    • The use of defensive objects is now easier to get to from a basic construction site.
    • Ruins are now closer to town (except for the Hardcore folks) which should make it easier for beginners and the less organised.
  • Bugfixes :
    • Fixes relating to private towns.
    • Added an option to disable the API flow for anyone who's interrested...
    • Small tinkerings for some maps.
    • A littel bit of CSS here, a little bit of Java Script there, and presto oit's pretty!
    • Fixed a few bugs relating to some items during the watch.
    • Cleaned up some texts.
    • Fixed a few security loopholes (thank you MR Uruguay).
    • Other little things just to make you happy. (And I, Buzzard, translated all of this goodness for your reading pleasure!)
One day, a pastor went on a crusade against the evil Horde. It would appear that there were more of the latter. He never returned. Unknown