Update 3.2 - Shamanic Monday

  • Lost Souls :

    When a citizen dies, their soul will appear in the desert of the World Beyond. If it is found by a town resident, they can collect it and bring it to the town bank. These souls give points to the town on its last day.

    These souls can also be converted into special constructions giving temporary defences if there is a Shaman in the town.

  • The Shaman :

    A new profession appears!
    The Shaman can direct citizens to the souls of their former townmates using their voodoo mask which shows the souls of freshly deceased citizens on the map..

    The Shaman is able to:

    • transport as many souls as their inventory allows.
    • to transform blue souls into red souls which can be used by the town to construct special temporary defences.
  • New Leaderboard :

    Over and above the global rankings, there is now a ranking of soul points earned for each season. This will show the top survivir of each season.

    The global ranking now displays all souls.

  • Evolution of the Tamer : The labradoodle, fearless companion of the Tamer, now shows their master the way out of the ruins, a blue arrow appears to ensure that their master never again loses their bearings.
  • Evolution of the Technician : The Technician can now use their Construction Points (CP) to repair buildings and to transform / refine objects in the workshop.
  • Survivalist Restriction : The Survivalist, being a cantankerous neurotic with sociopathic tendencies, will not find food or water unless they are at a distance of 3km or more from the town.
  • Modifications to the Dump : The basic dump can now be built from a common blueprint. This will now allow you to use all objects to gain defences. New dump blueprints now increase the number of defence points given by the corresponding resources.
  • A new way to play in NDRs : Distinctions in non-distant regions will only be availble to experienced players as of day 8. However, they will earn new distinctions by making the town last as long as possible.
  • Another shovelful of updates :
    • The zombie attack curve has been revised
    • New temporary constructions linked to the Shaman have been added
    • New titles to unlock
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