Update 4.2 - Sleight of Hand

  • Twinoid Applications : The developers amongst you will be happy to hear that Die2Nite will now benefit from the Twinoid application engine which will allow applications to be developed for Die2Nite. Validation carried out by appointed community members will mean that applications will be validated more quickly and be much better looked after. No applications using the XML feed will be validated from now on and we strongly encourage developers to make this alteration for their application. Documentation for this new application engine can be found here: et
  • New objects to be found : New objects will appear little by little in the World Beyond. These objects may be combined with others to create astonishing results, wil you manage to find all the combinations?
  • Lots of minor bug corrections :
    • Undefined meat no longer transforms citizens into ghouls.
    • Negative watchmen defense bug corrected.
    • Bugs with double deaths, injuries, and negative survival chances on the night's watch have been corrected.
    • The Kalashni-Splash now works correctly in the World Beyond.
    • The forum bug arising from the consumption of alcohol has been corrected.
    • The Devastator now has the same functionality as the MARK II Battery Launcher.
    • It's no longer possible to attack and wound a citizen twice.
    • Ruins now give twice as many plans.
    • The Technician now earns stat points when repairing constructions.
    • Small towns now begin with some basic buildings.
    • A drunk ghoul who devours a drunk citizen will now have a 'double-drunk' status!
Cyanide... A jagged little pill indeed, but it beats listening to "Ironic" again! Unknown