Update 4.3 - Villa nostra

  • Private towns have evolved : From now on, the crow will be able to configure private towns exactly as the community wish them to be! Remember your liver is at risk, as they also have the ability to kill you instantly if your actions are not deemed acceptable in these event towns.
  • Night's watch re-balancing : The watch has been altered slightly as to favour construction of defensive structures. The attack curve has also been modified to avoid an excess of zombies at the town walls.
  • New texts to be found in the World Beyond :

    The chronicles of Die Verdammten have been boosted by another dozen or more roleplay texts.

  • Lots of minor bug corrections too: :
    • The burning laser pointer now shows the number of charges remaining.
    • Poisoned cans will no longer be able to be distinguished by the night's watch.
    • The Spy Flares won't cause bugs when all buildings have been discovered.
    • The + button in the private town rankings now functions correctly.
    • It's now possible to share a link towards the game help.
    • Several more minor fixes...
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