Die2Nite is a free zombie survival game set in a hostile world inhabited by zombies.

The players (or citizens) are divided into groups and are allocated a small town where they must organise themselves each day in such a way as to survive as long as possible against the zombies. The last remaining survivor will become the Hero of the town. .

You are free do do whatever you choose, and to go your own way, whenever you like!

Note : to play Die2Nite, you will need an updated version of Flash player (download it here) and javascript must be activated on your browser.

With the exception of Flash player, you don't need to install anything whatsoever.

Objectve n°1 : explore and equip

During the day, the citizens can leave the relative safety of the town to explore the desolate wastelands of the World Beyond to find weapons, materials and food.

Objective n°2 : face the zombie horde

Every night at midnight, the hordes of living-dead attack the town! Objects found during the day can be used to build defences and protect your home.

Objective n°3 : help one another and survive...

Objects and materials found by the citizens can be shared. Maybe your neighbour found the screw you need to fix your chainsaw ? Your survival depends on your ability to organise yourself and make the most of the community's resources...

What now ?

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